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Diaphragm Accumulator


Stainless Steel Diaphragm Accumulator

【Milehertz】 Stainless Steel Diaphragm Accumulator adopts the integrated design process. With strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high stability, it is widely used in chemical industry, biotech- nology, environmental protection and pollution clean-up fields.

45Mpa High Pressure Diaphragm Accumulator

【Milehertz】 45Mpa High Pressure Diaphragm Accumulator is not limited to the conventional design. By optimizing the internal structure, its pressure resista- nce is greatly improved, which can meet the needs of customers in high-pressure area.

- 40°C Low Temperature Diaphragm Accumulator

【Milehertz】 -40℃ Low Temperature Diaphragm Accumulator selects hydro- genated nitrile rubber to ensure that the product can work normally at -40℃ and protect equipment in extreme bad weather.

Diaphragm Accumulator Valve Block

【Milehertz】 Diaphragm Accumulator Valve Block perfectly realizes electro-hydraulic integration, providing cus- tomers with the overall solution of hydraulic system.

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Reserve Energy Storage

The accumulator can assist the pump body to work by adju- sting the release of internal hydraulic oil. After the accumulator is equipped, the specification requirements for the pump can be appropriately reduced to achieve scientific energy conservation and efficiency increase.

Reduce Impulse Shock

In the fluid circuit, due to the flow of liquid, more or less impulse shock will be generated on the equipment, even when various valves are closed and the loop fluid changes sharply, more intense impact will be generated. After the installation of the accumulator, it can be used as a buffer to effectively reduce pulsation and impact.

Maintain Balance And Stability

When the external pressure or weight has an impact on the equipment system, the accumulator can well withstand the changes of external weight by adjusting its own internal gas and liquid balance, avoid the violent shaking and fluctuation of equipment and maintain the balance stability of equipment.

Pressure Volume Compensation

In the pressure circuit, when encountering internal leakage, or changes in external factors such as pressure and temperature, which change the volume of liquid oil in the system and affect the stability of the internal pressure of the system, the accum- ulator can be used as a timely compensation to maintain the stability of the hydraulic system.